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Selected Publications

Pershing, A. J., K. E. Mills, N. R. Record, K. Stamieszkin, K. Wurtzell, C. Byron, D. Fitzpatrick, W. Golet, and E. Koob. In press. Trophic Cascades are an Unlikely Driver of Open Ocean Regime Shifts. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 

Mills, K. E., P. J. Sullivan, and A. J. Pershing. In preparation. Fish community characteristics indicate major ecosystem change in the Gulf of Maine. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 

Mills, K. E., B. A. Knuth, and T. G. Safford. In preparation. Stakeholder perspectives as a guide for implementing ecosystem-based management in the Gulf of Maine. Ocean and Coastal Management. 

Safford, T. G., K. C. Norman, M. Henly, P. S. Levin, and K. E. Mills. 2014. Environmental awareness and public support for protecting and restoring Puget Sound. Environmental Management 53(4): 757-768. 

Mills, K. E., A. J. Pershing, C. Brown, Y. Chen, F. Chiang, D. Holland, S. Lehuta, J. Nye, J. Sun, A. Thomas and R. Wahle. 2013. Fisheries management in a changing climate: lessons from the 2012 ocean heat wave in the Northwest Atlantic. Oceanography 26(2): 191-195

Mills, K. E., A. J. Pershing, T. F. Sheehan, and D. Mountain. 2013. Climate and ecosystem linkages explain widespread declines in North American Atlantic salmon populations. Global Change Biology 19: 3046-3061. 

Miller, A. S., T. J. Miller, K. E. Mills, and T. F. Sheehan. 2013. Retrospective analysis of Atlantic salmon marine growth parameters in the northwest Atlantic based on tag-recovery data. Fisheries Oceanography 23(2): 103-115. 

Mills, K. E., M. J. Kennish, and K. A. Moore. 2008. Research and monitoring components of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System. Journal of Coastal Research 55(1): 1-8. 

Bain, M. B., N. Singkran, and K. E. Mills. 2008. Integrated ecosystem assessment: Lake Ontario water management. PLoS One 3(11): e3806. 

Bain, M. B., N. Haley, D. L. Peterson, K. K. Arend, K. E Mills, and P. J. Sullivan. 2007. Recovery of a US endangered fish. PLoS One 2(1): e168. 

Mills, K. E. and M. S. Fonseca. 2003. Effects of sediment deposition on the growth and mortality of a seagrass, Zostera marina. Marine Ecology Progress Series 255: 127-134. 

Bankobeza, G. M., S. Biniaz, C. Breidenich, M. A. Civic, G. E. Eckstein, D. Favre, P. E. Hagen, T. Hobgood, K. T. Kovner, G. F. Maggio, H. Mann, D. A. Pearson, M. F. Spring, K. E. Mills, D. W. Wagner, J. B. Weiner, 2001. International Legal Developments in Review: 2000 Public International Law. International Lawyer 35: 659-711. 

Bain, M. B., A. L. Harig, D. P. Loucks, R. R. Goforth, and K. E. Mills. 2000. Aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration: advances in methods for assessment and evaluation. Environmental Science and Policy 3: S89-S98. 

Mills, K. E. and N. J. Stevenson. 1999. Riparian vegetation. Pages 125-134 in Bain, M. B. and N. J. Stevenson, eds. Aquatic habitat assessment: common methods. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland. 

Stevenson, N. J. and K. E. Mills. 1999. Streambank and shoreline condition. Pages 115-124 in Bain, M. B. and N. J. Stevenson, eds. Aquatic habitat assessment: common methods. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland. 

Mills, K. E. and J. D. Bever. 1998. Maintenance of diversity within plant communities: soil pathogens as agents of negative feedback. Ecology 79(5): 1595-1601.

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