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Sam Truesdell, Ph.D.

Sam began his work as a postdoc at GMRI in March 2018. He is generally interested in the development of population models to inform management advice, including stock assessment and management strategy evaluation. Some of his previous work has included scallop population assessments in the Gulf of Maine, fleet dynamics and assessment models in the federal scallop fishery, catch-at-age models and management procedures for Great Lakes lake trout and lake whitefish, comparing classes of assessment models, and management strategy evaluation for Yukon River Chinook salmon. Sam received his BS from Dalhousie University and his PhD from the University of Maine. He has spent time on the water both on scientific surveys and as a commercial fishery observer.

Sam’s primary work at GMRI is the development of a management strategy evaluation framework for northeast groundfish fisheries. The goals of this project are to develop population simulations and fishery management procedures that incorporate climate-driven changes and evaluate whether environmentally-informed policies may result in more successful management. This will help stakeholders better understand the impacts of climate on marine fisheries and advance development of strategies to confront challenges associated with climate-driven changes.

Curriculum Vitae