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GMRI Education Team Issues Challenge to All Citizen Scientists
Jul 30, 2014

Citizen scientists of all ages can participate in GMRI’s first Citizen Scientist Challenge this summer and partner with scientists to study...

As Jellyfish Come in Waves Off Maine Coast, Questions Follow
Jul 16, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: For weeks, Maine’s marine research centers have been flooded with questions about a seeming jellyfish invasion in...

Scientists and Anglers Partner to Study Striped Bass
Jul 15, 2014

Scientists think that Maine’s striped bass population is made up of fish that are spawned locally and fish that migrate from more southerly...

Program Promotes Lesser-Known Fish, Aims to Help Fishermen
Jul 9, 2014
Press Clip

WMTW: Commercial fishermen say rules and regulations to keep their industry sustainable make it tough to survive, but they lesser-known...

Gulf of Maine Research Institute Issues 2014 Citizen Scientist Challenge
Jun 24, 2014
Press Release

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) challenges anyone with an interest in Maine ecosystems to get outside and help monitor for...

Maine Students Pilot Program Recognized by Dept. of Energy
Jun 21, 2014
Press Clip

NECN: Students in Maine have been piloting a program that is being recognized by the Department of Energy. Powerhouse is a web based...

Maine Voices: Report Sheds Light on Challenges Posed by Decline of Cod
Jun 16, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: "The challenges over the next decade will be improving the accuracy of the scientific advice on which catch limits...

Green Plate Special: Try One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish and New Fish
Jun 15, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The three-year-old Out of the Blue program from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute seeks to change eaters’ minds...

PowerHouse Brings Climate Change Home for Maine Students
Jun 13, 2014

Global issues like climate change are challenging for adults, let alone 12-year-olds, to understand. GMRI’s newest education program,...

Maine Climate Warming Up Quickly, Analysis Shows
Jun 4, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The climate has warmed in Maine and Vermont more than in every other state in the past 30 years, a shift that...

Chefs and Fishermen Collaborate to Strengthen Markets and Improve Quality of Local Seafood
Jun 2, 2014
Press Release

Chefs, fishermen, restaurant owners and researchers will gather at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute Wednesday to work together to...

Our View: Maine Fishermen Should Take Cue From Farmers' Success
May 28, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: You can go to a farmers market and pick up a rump roast or pork loin straight from the local farm that raised the...

Exploring the Business of Groundfish Sectors
May 28, 2014

As part of GMRI's ongoing technical assistance to groundfish sectors, Fisheries Technical Assistance Program and Research staff are...

Climate Change in Fisheries Brings Stakeholders Together in D.C.
May 28, 2014

Climate change continues to remain the focus of various regional and national workshops, meetings, and conferences. Twice within the first...

Businesses Create an Eat Dogfish World
May 28, 2014

Dogfish. The word alone can incite scorn among fishermen as the treacherous, yet practically worthless species that fishing nets cant stay...