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GMRI Scientists Lead Adaptation Workshop

Jul 6, 2015
Summer 2015

This March, GMRI scientists traveled to Santos, Brazil to lead a workshop on climate adaptation in marine fisheries. Associate Research Scientist Kathy Mills and Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing headed up the workshop as part of the 3rd International Symposium on Effects of Climate Change on World’s Oceans. Over 40 climate scientists from around the world joined them, including individuals from Alaska, Australia, Norway, Canada, and England. 

Though these scientists came from vastly different regions, they were all interested in the same challenge. They gathered to compare adaptation strategies for fisheries and coastal communities dealing with climate change all over the world.

"You not only have to understand the expected impacts, but also look beyond these impacts to think about the options fishermen, fishing industries, and fishery managers have to respond to a changing ocean,” said Mills. “This conversation provides perspectives and lessons from around the world that we can now apply here at home in the northeast.”

Next, this group of scientists will identify and work to address both the gaps in current climate adaptation strategies and the science needed to support adaptation decisions. As world population grows and oceans warm, these conversations are increasingly relevant to our food security, economic viability, and ecological sustainability.

Support for the workshop was provided by NOAA Fisheries Service.