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Resource Economist joins GMRI

Mar 1, 2012
Winter 2012

Jenny Sun sees New England as a prime place to gain insights into the economics of rights-based fishery management. As GMRI's new Senior Marine Resource Economist, Sun has begun building a research platform to understand the New England groundfish industry's landmark transition to a catch share system. She is examining how sensitive the market is to the quantity of landings and what happens when those landings are redistributed, as they have been under the new sector system. Her work with GMRI's Community Team will identify business models that may enhance groundfish sector viability and profitability.

"I'm very interested in finding the marketing strategy to increase the value of landings sustainably without losing the diversity in employment," said Sun. "Groundfish sectors here will serve as an innovative example globally about how to improve the wealth of the industry and communities."

Sun is also delving into the dynamics of New England's lobster industry, with a focus on how to optimally manage lobster landings in Maine with respect to economic value.

Originally from Taiwan, Sun comes from a maritime family. Her research spans international trade, marine resources, climate change, and fisheries management. After earning a Ph.D. from Cornell University, she spent 17 years teaching fishery resource economics at the National Taiwan Ocean University. She has also worked with the University of California San Diego, the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, and other organizations, with a broad focus on global policy analysis.