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Sodexo Relationship Supports Local Seafood

Dec 30, 2015
Winter 2015

This summer, global food service management company Sodexo announced a new commitment to support the region’s seafood economy by working with GMRI.

As part of this commitment, Sodexo – which manages dining services at institutions like Colby College, Central Maine Medical Center, and University of New England – will shift current sourcing for its 32 Maine clients to include more Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested® seafood.

“Sodexo has such exciting potential to improve the market for lesser-known, under-harvested fish from our region,” said Kyle Foley, Seafood Brand Manager for GMRI. “Sodexo’s market pull provides a more stable and diverse range of income opportunities for fishing communities.”

The shift in purchasing is already making a difference. Colby College, Thomas College, and UNE are now serving “Shark Bites” – a breaded cape shark fillet (pictured). Cape shark, also known as dogfish, is one of five underloved fish GMRI’s seafood team promotes regularly throughout the year. 

We explore dogfish and underloved Gulf of Maine species in a recent blog post – where you can learn more about these species (including how to cook them).