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Project Database

Assessing Herring Bait Availability in Inshore Maine Waters
Fisheries Ecology
Atlantic herring ( Clupea harengus ) are an important prey species for a range of predators in the Gulf of Maine including marine mammals, seabirds and...
Ecological Diversity of Cod in the Gulf of Maine and its Role in Resiliency of a Fishery
Fisheries Ecology
Cod is an iconic species in New England and historically was one of the most economically and socially important fish in the North Atlantic for commercial and...
Identification and Modelling of Alewife Stock Structure
Fisheries Ecology
Alewives are an integral part of and link between freshwater and marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine. Little is known about the life history and...
Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program
Fisheries Ecology
The Northeast Regional Cod Tagging Program (NRCTP) represented a significant example of international collaborative research, involving more than 250...