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Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

Marine waters of the Northeast Shelf have warmed over the past 30 years, with particularly rapid warming in the past decade; as a result, fisheries in the region are feeling the impacts of climate variability and change. We are leading a multifaceted project to assess the social-ecological vulnerability of fishing communities to climate impacts, particularly those associated with changes in the availability of target fish species. 

Through this project, we will provide a high-level assessment of the vulnerability of fishing communities along the Northeast Shelf to climate-related changes in marine resources. We will work closely with select communities to provide a detailed assessment of the economic and social impacts of these changes and to evaluate a range of adaptation strategies that may buffer these impacts. These results will provide a way of comparing the future costs and benefits of different operational, investment, and management strategies, but in practice many influences affect the adoption and implementation of certain strategies. This project will also identify a range of factors that facilitate or constrain adaptation in marine fisheries at a community level so that avenues that support resilient fishing communities can be identified.