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Antillean Odyssey: Coral Reef Resilience in the Eastern Caribbean
Bob Steneck, Professor, University of Maine
December 8, 2016
Coral reefs are one of...
American Plaice Verification Assessment Report
Seafood Information
2015 Financial Statements
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GMRI 2015 990
Whitepapers & Reports
GMP 2015 990
Whitepapers & Reports
Whitepapers & Reports
Maine Farmed Shellfish Market Analysis
Whitepapers & Reports

There is great enthusiasm for expanding aquaculture in Maine as an economic opportunity for coastal communities. Yet very little is known...

Biological Hotspots: Finding Birds, Fish and Plankton in the Gulf of Maine
Andrew Allyn, Ecosystems Analysis Technician, GMRI
October 13, 2016
Throughout this
Journey Into Climate: Adventures in the Golden Age of Climate Research
Paul Andrew Mayewski, Director, University of Maine Climate Change Institute
Exploring Secrets of the Deep: From Deepwater Horizon to the Arctic
Larry Mayer, Director, UNH Center for Ocean and Coastal Mapping
Jenny Sun CV
Research Summaries

Read Jenny Sun's full CV.

2016 Diadromous Migration Season on the Presumpscot
Whitepapers & Reports

Beginning in 2013, GMRI began sampling the river herring spawning runs in the Presumpscot River as part of our Casco...

Project Materials

Be sure to print on regular letter 8.5x11 paper and set printing settings to 'actual size' ...

MREP West Application Form
Workshop Materials
Melville's Plankton: What Moby Dick Teaches Us About the Gulf of Maine
Richard J. King, Author, Illustrator, and Lecturer
April 14th, 2016