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Dr. Kathy Mills CV
Curriculum Vitae
Whitepapers & Reports
Making the Grade: Leading the Way for Sashimi-Grade Seafood
Mika Higurashi, American Sashimi Project Coordinator, Uoriki Fresh Inc.
Whitepapers & Reports
GMRI 2016 990
Whitepapers & Reports
Climate Myths and Legends: Heroes, Oracles, and Climate Change
Andy Pershing, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Gulf of Maine...
The Facts on Fish Farming: The End of an Environmental Disaster
Jen Levin, Sustainable Seafood Senior Program Manager, Gulf of Maine...
Whitepapers & Reports

Every five years, we step back from our daily work to produce a strategic plan, which provides a framework...

The Truth About Trawling: Are Bottom Trawls the Bulldozers of the Sea?
Steve Eayrs, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Gulf of Maine Research...
Our Changing Coastline: Greater Portland Prepares for Sea Level Rise
Gayle Bowness, GMRI Science Education Program Manager
June 8, 2017


Gayle will share...

Patriot’s Day: How the Storm of the Decade Changed Our Coast
John Cannon, Senior Meteorologist/Marine Program Manager of the National Weather...
Sea State Lecture: David Turin

Dead Fish to Starboard: A Lifetime of Changes on the Water
David Turin, Chef/Proprietor, David's Restaurants

Throughout this series, our...

Lisa Kerr, Ph.D. CV
Curriculum Vitae
MREP Caribbean Application 2017
Workshop Materials
Sea State Lecture: Chris Sauer
Sustaining Remote Places: The Business of Marine Renewable Energy
Chris Sauer, President & CEO, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC)
March 9th, 2017