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Michael Tillotson

Michael joined GMRI in June 2019 where he works alongside Dr. Kathy Mills in the Ecosystem Modeling Lab. Currently he is using salmon scales, which record growth, much like tree rings, to study patterns of change in Atlantic salmon growth, survival and life-history. His interests lie in linking these patterns of change to what we know about changes in the marine environment over the past ~50 years. Ultimately, this work will help us understand why Maine’s salmon have been surviving so poorly in the ocean and hopefully inform strategies for recovering the populations.

Lindsay Gray Carlson

Lindsay came to GMRI in April of 2019 as a Quantitative Research Technician for the Ecosystem Modeling Lab where she is studying the relationship between ecosystem conditions and Atlantic salmon growth and survival during the marine phase.

Matt Dzaugis

Matt arrived at GMRI in April of 2019 where he is a Quantitative Research Technician working in the Ecosystem Modeling Lab. There he uses biological and environmental data to help understand how ecosystems and fisheries have responded to environmental changes in the past and then use statistics and create models to determine changes that may occur in the future.

Kanae Tokunaga

Dr. Kanae Tokunaga came to GMRI in March of 2019. She is an Associate Research Scientist in Coastal and Marine Resource Economics. Prior to GMRI, Kanae received her Ph.D. in Economics and Graduate Ocean Policy Certificate from University of Hawaii. After completing her Ph.D., she worked as a researcher at University of Tokyo’s Ocean Alliance. At the University of Tokyo, she looked at a range of topics, including fisheries management, seafood market analysis, ecosystem service valuation, marine spatial planning and offshore renewable energy development.


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