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Trawl to Table Portsmouth, NH

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute's (GMRI) Community programs are uniquely situated at the intersection of marine science and industry. At the heart of the GMRI mission, our Community programs provide a specialized, innovative, and responsive array of work that speaks to the challenges and opportunities in the Gulf of Maine.

Our programs serve to cultivate active stakeholders and nurture the capacity to make informed decisions within a complex marine environment. Through our role as neutral convener and facilitator, our Community team staff brings together diverse interest groups to identify new and creative solutions to marine resource management challenges. Our work is also dedicated to initiating projects that support economic viability and growth from marine resource use while ensuring sustainable management practices.

In addition to these core programs, the Community team also implements a range of other projects; participates in cooperative research projects, workshops, and trainings; and hosts public lectures around important marine issues such as climate change and ocean energy.

Key Programs

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Sea State 8.1

SeaState Lecture Series