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Current Programs

An unforgettable science research experience for Maine's 5th and 6th grade students at GMRI's lab.

Vital Signs
An authentic field research program that allows Maine's 7th and 8th grade students to share environmental data online with a dynamic statewide community of their peers as well as professional and citizen scientists.

GMRI Education Overview

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) envisions a future where every Maine child is prepared for college, careers, and active citizenship in a rapidly changing world. The doors of science should be open to all children, regardless of where they live or their family's background. We are convinced that Maine can and should be the nation's most science literate state. Our next generation should have the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to engage with environmental and technology challenges, think critically about new ideas, make effective policy decisions, and compete in a global economy.

To cultivate these 21st century skills in students, GMRI collaborates with scientists, teachers, and other education professionals to develop and implement innovative learning environments. We are currently focused on developing science learning opportunities for middle school students complemented by professional development programs for their teachers.

Our innovative educational programs ignite the curiosity, ambition, and problem-solving potential of our next generation. They connect scientific discovery to the region's rich natural resources, the issues that impact students' daily lives, and the local scientific community. We are committed to making our programs available free of charge to ensure that they are universally accessible to all students and teachers in Maine. The result will be successive classes of Maine students with the science knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed in the 21st century.