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Kanae Tokunaga, Ph.D.

Dr. Kanae Tokunaga came to GMRI in March of 2019. She is an Associate Research Scientist in Coastal and Marine Resource Economics. Prior to GMRI, Kanae received her Ph.D. in Economics and Graduate Ocean Policy Certificate from University of Hawaii. After completing her Ph.D., she worked as a researcher at University of Tokyo’s Ocean Alliance. At the University of Tokyo, she looked at a range of topics, including fisheries management, seafood market analysis, ecosystem service valuation, marine spatial planning and offshore renewable energy development.

In her research she uses various research methods, including bioeconomic modeling, econometrics, surveys and interviews, to approach coastal and marine resource management issues. She is primarily interested in understanding

  • efficiency, efficacy, and stability of various fisheries management institutions, and how they may be impacted by climate change and other environmental changes
  • various aspects of socioeconomic activities that take place in coastal communities, and how they shape coastal and marine resource use

She values and enjoys collaborative research and continues to work with researchers from diverse disciplines such as sociology, engineering, oceanography, while also working closely with coastal communities, policy makers, and industries.

She continues her love of economics outside of work where you can find her visiting fish markets and auctions throughout the region.