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Population Dynamics Lab

Supporting sustainable fisheries through interdisciplinary, collaborative research efforts.

Our goal is to develop sustainable fisheries grounded in quantitatively based management practices. We incorporate a range of interdisciplinary expertise into our work and actively engage stakeholders through collaboration with local, state, federal, and international agencies. Fisheries biology, ecology, management policy, decision-making theory, mathematical and statistical modeling, and computer simulations all factor into the research conducted in our lab, which tackles a large and diverse range of research projects ranging from supporting local Gulf of Maine stock assessments to international marine protected areas.

We aim to:

  • Investigate interactions between commercial fisheries, fishery populations, fishery community health, and the ecological drivers of change within these groups.
  • Improve modeling outcomes that drive ecosystem-based management practices.
  • Ground our research in quantitative fisheries assessments that will better inform fisheries managers and decision-makers.
  • Develop forecast models that incorporate climate change projections into potential fishery outcome scenarios.

Lab Team

  • Bowen Chang

  • Claire Ober

  • Nathan Willse

Our Methods

Our lab conducts interdisciplinary, collaborative research grounded in quantitative assessments to support sustainable fisheries around the world.

We work closely with a wide range of tools and across multiple disciplines to generate possible solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing fisheries around the world. The data and information we collect, whether in the field or through our close collaborations with domestic and international researchers, helps us refine models that not only makes it more feasible to predict shifting population dynamics, but to more accurately review stock assessments and more effectively inform fisheries decision-makers.

  • Field Sampling
  • Modeling
  • Stock Assessment Review
  • International Outreach

Lab Projects

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