Blue Economy Summer Series: The Future of Maine’s Seafood Supply Chain

6 PM–8 PM | The Smith Center for Education & Research | Public

A discussion on the blue economy in Maine featuring GMRI Sustainable Seafood Director, Kyle Foley and Chip Terry, CEO of BlueTrace.

Blue Economy Summer Series: The Future of Maine’s Seafood Supply Chain

As Maine's marine economy navigates the challenges of climate change and aging infrastructure, emerging innovations offer a pathway for the Gulf of Maine Region to become a leader in sustainable seafood sourcing practices. As part of our Blue Economy Summer Series, we will take a deeper look at Maine's potential to redefine resilience and sustainability in the seafood supply chain.

Blaine Grimes and our Gulf of Maine Ventures team work with companies that are finding innovative solutions that are addressing GMRI's Global Ocean Challenges, including healthy ocean ecosystems, climate change, and seafood sustainability. Blaine will be joined by GMRI's Sustainable Seafood Director, Kyle Foley and founder of BlueTrace, Chip Terry, who is pursuing solutions to seafood traceability. Together, they will talk about the opportunity for blue economy growth here in the Gulf of Maine and what we can learn from trends in this expanding sector.

Doors will open at 5:30 pm and our program will begin at 6:00 pm. Complimentary refreshments will be available before and afterwards.

This lecture series is part of our Gulf of Maine Ventures strategic initiative, which harnesses the scientific, technical, and solution-oriented expertise of GMRI and our partners to advance innovation in the blue economy.

About the Speakers:

Blaine Grimes, Chief Ventures Officer, GMRI

Kyle Foley, Sustainable Seafood Director, GMRI

Chip Terry, CEO & Founder, BlueTrace

About our Host:

Operating as a nonprofit organization since 1997, and an organic coastal farm for over sixty years, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment is a farm-based education, research, and visitor center set amidst more than 600 acres of conserved open space along Casco Bay in Freeport, Maine. Similar to GMRI, Wolfe's Neck is dedicated to fostering a more just and resilient food system in the face of climate change.

This series is supported by funding from the Economic Development Administration, Builders Initiative, and Eaton Peabody.