BlueTech Boost Company Showcase

5 PM–7:30 PM | Gulf of Maine Research Institute | Private

Celebrate entrepreneurship, innovation, and Ventures' second cohort the BlueTech Boost program!

BlueTech Boost Company Showcase

Please join us for our second BlueTech Boost Showcase at Gulf of Maine Research Institute on December 6th . We will be getting a sneak peek at four very early-stage companies that offer new solutions to climate and ocean economy challenges.

The BlueTech Boost is a 10-week program recently initiated by GMRI's Ventures team to support early-stage BlueTech companies in the Northeast Atlantic region. Through mentorship, micro-grant funding, and GMRI staff subject matter expertise, we empower these founders to achieve specific milestones that they have identified as near-term hurdles for their companies.

During the showcase, our second cohort will provide an overview of their businesses and highlight the progress they've made towards their growth goals as well as their upcoming roadmap. You are welcome to stick around after the presentations to mingle with the founders and other industry peers over snacks and beverages. Details about the four companies are available below. You are being invited as a friend/partner to our program. It takes a village to get these companies off the ground and we hope that you can join us to celebrate them!

If you have any questions about the program or the event, feel free to reach out to Megan Banner Sutherland ([email protected]).

B lueTech Boost Cohort 2 Company List

  • Aloft makes clean, renewable, and free wind energy available for ship propulsion. Their sails can be deployed on any vessel as easily as loading cargo, reducing fuel consumption and emissions without operator intervention.
  • Shred Electric is committed to electrifying marine aquaculture operations. Their patent-pending technology replaces gas generators and pumps with portable batteries charged by solar and wind to be used interchangeably on a wide variety of equipment.
  • WaveWise is designing hardware/software that will allow seaweed farmers to maneuver their crop through the water column to access nutrient rich (deeper) waters and help mitigate damage from storms. Sensors to their ballast buoys will track ocean and farming to help optimize growth.
  • Coastal Measures provides a full-stack environmental sensor platform that simplifies real-time data delivery from sensors through the cloud to enable more effective climate and renewable energy research and operations.