Educator Workshop: From Scientific Observation to Journal Publication

12 PM–3 PM | Gulf of Maine Research Institute | Public

Learn tools to support NGSS science practices and student publication in Findings From the Field, a journal of ecological research.

Educator Workshop: From Scientific Observation to Journal Publication

Findings From the Field is a unique opportunity for middle school scientists to share their observations, research, and community science projects in a published journal. Students learn the process of scientific communication by writing and peer-reviewing content for the journal with the option to share their research findings alongside peer and professional scientists virtually and in-person.

In this half-day workshop at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, educators will gain tools to promote scientific observation, support inquiry, and engage students in discovering the natural world around them through creating a Nature Note, a submission type for GMRI's student journal. Educators will then explore the journal, Findings From the Field, to learn how they can facilitate the submission, peer review and revision process for their own students.

School and interdisciplinary teams are highly encouraged to participate! This workshop and later publication in the journal is all Free. Mileage and substitute reimbursements are available. Located at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine. November 9th from 12 to 3.

What educators have said about previous Findings workshops:

"This entire “camp” was incredible but this workshop was by far the most beneficial for me at this moment. My daughter and I talked about it the entire drive back to NH. Catherine was extremely knowledgeable and the resources were great."

"The Nature Notes offering was amazing but the entire experience was the best PD opportunity I have ever been to and I have been to a lot including NSTA conference!"

"I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with nature notes. We dissected nature notes (almost exactly like we did in the PD) by taking existing nature notes and breaking them into the three parts and identifying what the parts were/how we knew it. It was so powerful! The discussion and learning that occurred was incredible! Thank you again for such a great PD!"