Fishing for Solutions: Creating Climate Resilient Global Fisheries

5:30 PM–7:30 PM | Gulf of Maine Research Institute | Public

An interactive discussion with GMRI Research Scientist, Dr. Kathy Mills and Dr. Kristin Kleisner of the Environmental Defense Fund

Fishing for Solutions: Creating Climate Resilient Global Fisheries

The challenges that define our work in the Gulf of Maine are locally focused yet globally relevant. In our newest Sea State Series, we will take a deeper look at the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, its global connections, and our efforts with partners and stakeholders to understand both.

In this session, Kathy and Kristin will share insights on how marine fisheries can build resilience to climate change by drawing on case studies of fisheries around the world to identify lessons and strategies that can help build resilience and reduce barriers to adaptation. These efforts are part of a UN Ocean Decade program called FishSCORE: Fisheries Strategies for Changing Oceans and Resilient Ecosystems. FishSCORE aims to foster collaborations among researchers, policy makers, and fishers to co-develop climate resilient strategies and share experiences among our global network.

Doors will open at 5:30 pm with complimentary refreshments available and our program will being at 6:00 pm. Parking is available for free for all registered event attendees on site in our adjacent lot.

About the Speakers:

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