LENE Eclipse Offerings Q & A

10:30 AM–11:30 AM | Online | Public

Join the LENE team for a Q&A introducing materials designed to inspire practitioners and youth in prep for the April 8th 2024 solar eclipse!

LENE Eclipse Offerings Q & A

On April 8th 2024, the moon and sun will cross paths, casting much of the Northeast into a magical daytime shadow. LENE is here to help spark some excitement and provide support as the community prepares for this extraordinary event. In this session, we'll review a suite of curated materials designed for educators and practitioners across learning contexts who hope to integrate the eclipse into programming for their youth.

We encourage participants to skim through materials prior to the session. While the beginning of the session will be a brief overview, the bulk of the session will be spent in conversation answering questions and discussing activity specifics.

Looking for a deeper dive into a particular activity? Stay tuned for future workshop sessions coming in January and February 2024!

Photo Credit: 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)