Management Strategy Evaluation as a Tool for Fisheries Management

9 AM–10:30 AM | Online | Public

We invite you to join us for a virtual workshop designed to enhance fisheries stakeholders understanding of management strategy evaluation.

Management Strategy Evaluation as a Tool for Fisheries Management

MSE is a participatory decision-making process that involves scenario testing as a means of identifying fisheries management strategies that achieve desired outcomes for the fishery. Developing a shared understanding of MSE will support future MSE applications in the region by NOAA and the NEFMC and enable stakeholders to effectively engage in shaping the vision for their future fishery. The workshop is aimed at helping to prepare fisheries stakeholders to be active, informed participants in MSE processes.

Participants will work with a facilitator and scientists during the workshop.

Science and Outreach Team: Lisa Kerr (Gulf of Maine Research Institute [GMRI]), Mackenzie Mazur (GMRI), Jonathan Labaree (GMRI), Steve Cadrin (UMass Dartmouth School of Marine Science and Technology [SMAST]), Gavin Fay (SMAST), Jonathan Cummings (SMAST), Matt Cutler(Northeast Fisheries Science Center[NEFSC]), Sarah Gaichas (NEFSC), and David Plumb (Consensus Building Institute)

Workshop Format: The workshop is virtual and is designed to be a short (90 minute), informational introduction to MSE.

Key elements will include an:

1. Overview of key aspects of an MSE process,

2. Demo of a fisheries decision support tool (i.e. a toy MSE model) that will allow stakeholders to experiment with scenario testing, and

3. Guidance on participating in a MSE process.

The number of participants in the meeting will be limited, but if there is high interest the content will be repeated in an additional workshop to allow for more participants. If you are not able to make this meeting date please register and indicate your interest for another date.

This workshop is designed to be educational and is independent of the regional fishery management process. A key outcome of the process is to increase participants’ capacity to effectively engage in and contribute to future discussions of management strategies for the New England groundfish fishery.

Funding: Support for this process is provided by NOAA’s COCA program (Award #: NA19OAR4310385)