Ocean Climate Trends: Local to Global

5:30 PM–7:30 PM | Gulf of Maine Research Institute | Public

An interactive discussion with GMRI Climate Center Director, Dr. Dave Reidmiller and Assistant Director for Ocean Policy, Deerin Babb-Brott

Ocean Climate Trends: Local to Global

The challenges that define our work in the Gulf of Maine are locally focused yet globally relevant. In our newest Sea State Series, we will take a deeper look at the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, its global connections, and our efforts with partners and stakeholders to understand both.

In this session, Dave will provide an overview of findings from recent global, national, and local studies highlighting the physical, biological, and socioeconomic effects climate change is having on Earth’s oceans. Deerin will highlight a few of the initiatives and products he has been involved with at the White House that prepare American—and Gulf of Maine—communities to sustainably develop, conserve, and protect oceans in a changing climate.

Doors will open at 5:30 pm with complimentary refreshments available and our program will being at 6:00 pm.

About the Speakers:

Dr. David Reidmiller, GMRI Climate Center Director

As the inaugural Climate Center Director at GMRI Dave draws across the breadth of the organization to help people, communities, and businesses understand and anticipate how climate change affects them. Prior to joining GMRI, Dave served in a variety of senior positions for the federal government and has deep international climate science policy experience.

Deerin Babb-Brott, Assistant Director for Ocean Policy at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-lead of the Ocean Policy Committee.

While at the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Deerin has most recently helped the Ocean Policy Committee and interagency teams produce a suite of ambitious ocean climate and sustainability products, including the Ocean Climate Action Plan; Opportunities and Actions for Ocean Science and Technology ; and the National Strategy for Ocean Mapping, Exploration, and Characterization.

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