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MREP West offers fishermen a unique professional development opportunity, where questions are answered, ideas are exchanged, and participants can put faces to the variety of names involved in regional fisheries science and management. The diversity of attendees also allows participants to hear a wide variety of perspectives from other industries and sectors to help shape their own views.

The three-day retreat setting of each workshop offers ample networking time, and the industry moderated boardroom format provides a neutral oasis for discussion. Presentations by senior scientists and staff, along with hands-on activities and lab tours, offer fishermen a chance to directly apply their learning in a supportive environment. Evening hospitality and meal times offer a chance for in-depth discussion among participants and presenters, solidifying relationships into strong professional networks that persist over time.

Here’s what attendees can expect:

  • A comprehensive course on the science and policy of federal fisheries management
  • A comfortable, welcoming learning environment
  • Ample networking opportunity with access to regional leaders in federal fisheries science and management
  • An opportunity to share knowledge, ask questions, and express concerns with regional scientists, managers, and peers
  • An understanding of when and how to most effectively engage in fisheries management
  • Knowledge of how to find, and participate in, cooperative research opportunities

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