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Program Goals

The goal of MREP is to provide fishermen, and others with a stake in marine fisheries management, with the knowledge and tools to effectively engage in the fisheries management process. The specific objectives of MREP West, while similar to other MREP programs across the country, were uniquely developed based on the needs expressed by local industry leaders working in partnership to develop the program. The guiding objectives of MREP West are:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of marine fisheries management to local fishermen
  • Bolster the role of the fishing industry (including recreational fishing, commercial fishing, and tribal interests) in marine fisheries management and recruit new industry participants to the management process
  • Build relationships, develop trust, and increase collaboration between the fishing industry, tribal communities, scientists, and managers
  • Relay the needs of the fishing industry and fishing communities to scientists and managers
  • Provide fishermen with a skillset to support leadership capacity in other roles

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