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Program Leadership

As a fundamentally collaborative effort, the program is guided by the MREP West steering committee, consisting of members from across the fishery community, scientists, managers, and educators. MREP West is administered by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and delivered by the program planning team, which handles all aspects of program facilitation and communications.

  • Bob Dooley, Commercial fisherman, Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Brad Pettinger, Oregon Trawl Commission
  • Brent Paine, United Catcher Boats
  • Chuck Tracy, Acting Executive Director, Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • Dan Wolford, Coastside Fishing Club
  • David Crabbe, Commercial Fisherman, Monterey, CA
  • Diane Pleschner-Steele, California Wetfish Producer’s Association
  • Dorothy Lowman, Chair, Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • Frank Lockhart, Senior Policy Advisor, NOAA Fisheries
  • Heather Mann, Midwater Trawlers Cooperative
  • Jennifer Gilden, Pacific Fishery Management Council
  • John Halloway, Co-Chair, Recreational Fishing Alliance Pacific Chapter
  • Kate Kauer, The Nature Conservancy Monterey
  • Liz Hamilton, Northwest Sportfishing Association
  • Mary Beth, Nickell-Tooley- O’Hara Corporation
  • Mike Okoniewski, Pacific Seafood
  • Scott McMullen, Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Commission
  • Shems Jud, Pacific Regional Director, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Sherry Flumerfelt, Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust
  • Steve Joner, Makah Fisheries Management
  • Susan Chambers, West Seafood Processors Association
  • Tim Klassen, Charter boat operator, Eureka, CA
  • Tom Dempsey, Senior Fisheries Project Director, The Nature Conservancy Monterey Bay
  • Tom Marking, Recreational fisherman
  • Wayne Heikkila, Western Fishboat Owners' Association
  • Alexa Dayton, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Lauren O’Brien, Gulf of Maine Research Institute | MREP Project Manager
  • Savannah Judge, Gulf of Maine Research Institute | MREP Assistant

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