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Gulf of Maine, Explained: Eating Sustainably

Aug 21, 2017
Supporting Sustainable Seafood

Eating sustainably can feel difficult — especially when it comes to seafood. Every day, consumers face tough choices in the grocery store and at their favorite restaurants.

Here to help is our very own Jen Levin, who has led our sustainable seafood program for nearly a decade. In that time, countless people have asked her, “How do I know what’s okay to eat?”

The answers aren’t always easy to find with a simple web search. The sustainability of an individual species can change depending on when, where, and how it was harvested.

In the video below, Jen provides her top three strategies for eating responsibly. These tips can help you support a healthy Gulf of Maine, as well as the many hard-working people who depend on it.

This is the fourth in our new video series: Gulf of Maine, Explained.

Throughout the series, you’ll learn more about important-but-unfamiliar concepts related to our work. We’ll cover commercial fishing, fisheries research, sustainable seafood, education, and more. While we probably won’t answer all your questions in one short video, we hope to spark your curiosity about complicated issues that are central to our mission.