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Voices of the Gulf of Maine: The Weatherman

Nov 30, 2016
Strengthening Coastal Communities

For meteorologist John Cannon, forecasting weather is both a passion and a profession — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. John describes forecasting in the Gulf of Maine bioregion by saying, “Everything you learn in meteorology… a lot of it is scratched.”

John is the marine program manager at the National Weather Service. His mission is to understand and predict the weather to assist mariners, shoreline residents, emergency responders and many other community stakeholders.



John has been a key partner of GMRI’s Ocean Data Products (ODP) team for over a decade. Together, they’ve worked on data tools that can help decision-makers predict storm damage (i.e. splash-over, coastal flooding, and beach erosion) for vulnerable locations. This work will only become more important as our coastal waters continue to warm and rise.

This video is the fifth installment of our new series: Voices of the Gulf of Maine.

Whether you're a teacher or a lobsterman, a restaurateur or a scientist — we all have our own unique connection to the Gulf of Maine. In this video series, we invite you to meet some of our closest partners in our shared effort to support the economic and ecological sustainability of this resource.

As these individuals share their passion for the ocean and connection to GMRI, we invite you to reflect as well.

What does the Gulf of Maine mean to you?

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