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Staff Stories: Young Citizen Scientists Destined to Lead
May 2, 2016
In this week’s blog, Molly Auclair shares her story about a special group of students from Massabesic Middle School. Through GMRI's citizen...
Local Lunch: New England Cafeterias Embrace Gulf of Maine Seafood
Mar 29, 2016
When you think about cafeteria food, you probably think of mystery meat and instant mashed potatoes. Most of us grew up waiting listlessly...
GMRI Celebrates 100,000th LabVenture! Student
Mar 4, 2016
On a chilly February morning, LabVenture! celebrated its 100,000th child served — a major milestone for science literacy in Maine. For over...
El Niño, Explained: Mild Winters, Warmer Water, and Lobster Landings
Feb 18, 2016
In this week's blog post, Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing drops by to explain El Niño and how it affects us in the Gulf of Maine...
Three Great LabVenture! Moments in 2015
Dec 30, 2015
It’s always a blast to hear the kids shout “Complex Systems!” before they start their LabVenture!. But we also love to hear from our...
Searching for Shrimp: A New Acoustic Study at GMRI
Dec 4, 2015
“…like finding a needle in a haystack.” It’s the go-to cliché for a difficult search. But marine scientists might challenge a frustrated...
Pershing Paper Gets National Attention
Nov 2, 2015
In October, GMRI Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing and his colleagues were published in perhaps the most prominent scientific journal...
Vital Signs Offers First Online Teacher Workshop
Aug 31, 2015
Since 2009, our Vital Signs program has connected Maine students with scientists and citizen scientists online. Together, they investigate...
Fish Tank Forum Convenes Fishermen, Scientists, Regulators
Aug 7, 2015
Fishermen, scientists, and regulators will assemble this fall with one goal in mind – improving stock assessments. These assessments are...
Five Gulf of Maine Fish You Can Feel Good About Eating
Jul 23, 2015
Whether cooking at home or ordering out, conscientious shoppers often face difficult choices. But when it comes to seafood, there are...
Early Excitement from Second Year of Casco Bay Study
Jul 8, 2015
It’s officially summer, which means the second year of our Casco Bay Aquatic Systems Survey (CBASS) is now underway. With a new team of...
Maine Lobstermen Aid Herring Research
May 22, 2015
Most lobstermen dock their boats when the sun sinks below the horizon. But for ten lobstermen across the coast of Maine, nighttime brings...
LabVenture!: 10 Years of Hands-On Science Learning
Feb 26, 2015
In the last decade, more than 90,000 kids have experienced the joys of scientific inquiry through LabVenture!. Students practice science in...
Researchers Launch Long-Term Study of Casco Bay Ecosystem
Jan 2, 2015
Long-term monitoring of an ecosystem can provide some of the most complete and important data needed to understand and manage marine...
Fishermen, Researchers Explore New Technology to Cut Costs
Jan 2, 2015
With the recent news from NOAA that Gulf of Maine cod is at 3 to 4 percent of its target levels, the importance of accurate monitoring of...