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Securing the Sustainability of an Unregulated Fishery
May 16, 2014

Market demand for Jonah crab has more than quadrupled during the last 20 years, but the fishery still lacks a management plan to monitor...

Group to Ask US For More Jonah Crab Protection
May 13, 2014
Press Clip A collaborative based in New England is heading to Washington to lobby the United States government for more regulations...

Group Proposes New Regulations and Emergency Protective Measures for Jonah Crabs
May 12, 2014
Press Release

A New England collaborative will propose new regulations and emergency protective measures for Jonah crab this Wednesday at the Atlantic...

GMRI Selects New Chief Scientist
Apr 26, 2014

Dr. Andrew Pershing has been chosen to lead GMRI’s research team as our new Chief Scientific Officer. Andy has worked at GMRI for eight...

Building Robust Groundfish Sectors
Apr 8, 2014

It's been almost four years since New England's groundfishing fleet underwent a seismic shift in management that created fishing...

Seafood Brand Evaluates its Impact
Apr 8, 2014

Gulf of Maine seafood competes in a massive global marketplace one in which the United States imports 91% of its seafood. Two years ago,...

Maine Researchers Vie For NASA Funding to Track Gulf of Maine Species
Apr 7, 2014
Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: A research proposal from Maine chosen to compete for NASA funding aims to predict the movements of key species in...

PowerHouse Students Reach Out to Community with Video PSAs
Mar 26, 2014

Bath Middle School students held a special event in December to unveil video public service announcements (PSAs) based on our newest...

As The Ocean Gets Warmer, Are the Lobsters Heading To Cooler Northeast Waters
Mar 2, 2014
Press Clip

Bangor Daily News: Jonathan Labaree of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, shared some information about how the 2012 ocean heat wave...

Adapting to Our Changing Climate
Feb 14, 2014

The Gulf of Maine is steadily getting warmer, bringing significant changes to both the ecosystem and the economics of the region...

Dealers Delivering on Continuous Improvement
Feb 7, 2014

The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested brand provides consumers with an easy way to identify Gulf of Maine seafood that meets science-...

New Partnership Enhances Impact Assessment
Jan 31, 2014

The mission of our science education programs is to support student’s development of “science literacy”—a complex suite of critical...

Climate Change Impacts Ripple Through Fishing Industry
Jan 30, 2014
Press Clip

Huffington Post: "Down the hall from Runge's office at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Andrew Pershing, an ocean ecosystem modeler,...

MREP expands to the Gulf of Mexico
Jan 24, 2014

While fishermen, scientists, and regulators don’t always share the same language, their long-term goal is essentially the same – make use...

Otolith Growth Patterns Shedding Light on Alewives
Jan 14, 2014

While alewives spend most of their life at sea, their early days in freshwater spawning grounds are some of the most influential of their...