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Recent Press

Fisheries Ecologist Lisa Kerr Tracks Cod and Bluefin TunaFeb 3, 2017Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Fisheries ecologist Lisa Kerr has been at the Portland-based Gulf of Maine Research Institute for four years, researching fisheries with the aim of improving sustainability management and understanding the ecosystem as a whole, as well as how it might be changing. She is the expert on all things cod and bluefin tuna.

South Portland Considers Pier Upgrades in Hopes of Aquaculture BoomJan 30, 2017Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The long-neglected Portland Street Pier is due for major improvements that could make it a home base for burgeoning mussel- and oyster-farming operations. 

Seafood for ThoughtJan 16, 2017Press Clip

Maine Magazine: The Gulf of Maine, a diverse watershed stretching from Cape Cod to the southern tip of Nova Scotia, has historically been one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Surveying Casco Bay for the Long TermDec 28, 2016Press Clip

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors: Kelsey Berger was a research intern last summer for the Casco Bay Aquatic System Survey, developed and run by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI). For nearly 50 years, GMRI has been working to build our knowledge of local waters through research and through outreach.

Fishermen Team Up With Scientists To Make A More Selective NetDec 14, 2016Press Clip

NPR: This summer [Ford] joined a net-maker and scientists at Portland's Gulf of Maine Research Institute to design a trawl net that targets profitable species while avoiding cod.

Idea to Cut NASA's Role in Climate Science Could Be Major Loss for Maine, Scientists SayNov 28, 2016Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Andrew Pershing, chief science officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, took issue with Walker’s characterization of climate-related research as “politicized.”

Trump Has Been Elected, so What's Next for Sustainability?Nov 27, 2016Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: GMRI is non-partisan. We believe policy discussions should be based on evidence, and in the case of climate change, the science is clear. As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen, the temperature of the earth has gone up, exactly as predicted by scientists in the early 1980s.

Sound Technology Helping Scientists Assess Health of Maine Shrimp PopulationNov 10, 2016Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is helping to track where shrimp are so regulators can better manage the stock. This winter, a small fleet of Maine fishermen will head out to hunt for northern shrimp, even though the fishery itself has been closed for three years.

Climate Change and Policy: Statewide Races to WatchNov 7, 2016Press Clip

Newsweek: Heat waves, more powerful storms, and rising seas are increasingly transforming Maine—effects that most climate scientists trace to greenhouse gases warming the planet…Over the past 100 years, temperatures throughout the Northeast have risen by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit…Precipitation has increased by more than 10 percent, with the worst storms bringing significantly more

Consultant Sees Huge Growth Potential for Maine AquacultureOct 27, 2016Press Clip

Portland Press Herald: Maine’s farmed oyster, mussel and scallop industries are poised to more than quadruple in value over 15 years, according to a new report from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.