Isabelle Sée

Fisheries Research Technician

Isabelle started her work at GMRI as an undergraduate intern in June of 2019, while attending the University of Maine, Orono. She then completed her undergraduate research on Atlantic albacore tuna aging and foraging ecology under the advisement of Dr. Walter Golet in the Pelagic Fisheries Lab.

After graduating, Isabelle transitioned back to the Pelagic Fisheries lab full time to conduct a variety of life history research on Atlantic tuna species. In her current position, Isabelle works closely with the Atlantic bluefin fishery, primarily focusing on aging and tagging of Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Outside of work, Isabelle is collaborating with local commercial fishermen to hold events benefiting Maine families battling cancer, as well as working with The Casco Bay Tuna Club, educating our community about pelagic fisheries research in the Gulf of Maine.