Maria Grigoratou, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Maria is a biological oceanographer focusing on plankton ecology. Currently she is a Postdoctoral Research Associate, at Dr. Andrew Pershing's climate change ecology lab (Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, Maine, USA).

Having completed a PhD in marine ecosystem modelling (Bristol University, UK), an MSc in Environmental Biology of Terrestrial Management and Marine Biological Resources (University of Crete, Greece) and a BSc in Marine Sciences (Aegean University, Greece), Maria has acquired a sound and in-depth knowledge of marine ecosystems.

Maria is passionate about plankton ecology in changing climates, and she is a zooplankton expert. Through her research, Maria discovered the power of combining field, lab, and modelling studies to deliver a mechanistic understanding of the ecosystem drivers. Her main scientific aim is to answer questions about ecosystem dynamics and carbon flows in changing environments.

Maria’s BSc thesis focused on copepod ecology in a coastal ecosystem of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Aegean Sea). For her MSc, she used body size as a trait to estimate the abundance and biomass stock of metazooplankton in the Aegean Sea, as well as a methods’ comparison (stereoscopic, dry weight, and image analysis). For her PhD, Maria chose to study planktonic foraminifera ecology within a mechanistic framework, using 0-D and 3-D trait-based ecosystem models as a research tool. For her Postdoc project, she uses size spectrum trait-based models to explore how temperature influences the ecology of plankton and fish, as well as their trophic interactions.