Seth Dresser

Platform Architect

Seth's primary responsibility is to design and facilitate the development of systems to enable the ingestion, storage, analysis, and dissemination of scientific data. Seth joined GMRI in January of 2013 as a Front End Developer. In this role, he was responsible for designing and implementing intuitive user experiences for the Ocean Data Products group’s diverse project portfolio. Seth has recently expanded this role to Platform Architect, responsible for designing underlying technologies and serving as the platform architect and lead developer on the NASA-funded Real World, Real Science project.

Seth came to GMRI with over a decade of IT experience across diverse industries integrating technology systems into organizational processes. Ranging from building wireless Point of Sale systems for campus dining programs to enabling real-time veterinary history of racehorses on-site in the field and stable across a 1000+ head farm spanning five states and two countries, he approaches solutions design from a business process perspective. Seth also has several years of experience building websites and web applications as well as online marketing strategies for a variety of clients.

A Maine native, Seth now prefers to be found on the side of a mountain (year-round) or in a body of water (preferably during the warm moments only). Seth is a pioneer class member of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in Limestone, after which he attended Clarkson University, studying Management Information Systems and building solar cars.