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Continuous Improvement

Culinary Partners make annual commitments to improve on the environmental sustainability of their business operations. Our partners recognize that sourcing responsibly harvested seafood is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall environmental sustainability, and there are many other ways restaurants and food service providers can cut down on their environmental footprints.

Culinary Partners work with GMRI staff to identify areas of environmental impact that the participant can improve upon and establish annual goals of continuous improvement around these areas. Together, GMRI and its partners work toward fostering a more environmentally sustainable restaurant industry in the Gulf of Maine region.

Examples of continuous improvement projects include training personnel on considerations for sustainable practices in food production, transitioning to biodegradable cleaning supplies, instigating a recycling program, increasing use of clean energy and energy efficient design features, and implementing a shell composting program. These are a few of the many ways that Culinary Partners are improving the environmental sustainability of their business operations and becoming thought-leaders amongst the culinary community.