Our Partnerships

Building strong partnerships.

Building strong partnerships within our region around blue economy innovation continues to be a core strategy for us, and we are pleased with our growing relationships with peer institutions to explore potential joint-venture opportunities on the Business Development side.

Leveraging our network:

  • GMRI has extensive relationships with other academic and research institutions as well as with government agencies and corporate partners, which we leverage to identify and support portfolio companies.

We are building momentum with a number of partner institutions and are in dialogue with several about Gulf of Maine Ventures serving as the primary commercialization platform for our collective blue economy work in the Gulf of Maine.

In this capacity, we see a clear path towards widening the breadth of our impact. This is a unique window of opportunity for building the blue economy in Maine, and we occupy a niche early-stage (post-ideation) space for start-ups where we provide the necessary business building, market connections and insights, research and technical capabilities, and access to capital needed to allow them to scale and succeed

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Our mission is to catalyze solutions to global ocean challenges by creating, scaling, and investing in innovative blue economy companies. By supporting and investing in companies that offer high impact solutions, we aim to achieve a resilient, modernized 21st century marine economy.

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