Annala Award Announced

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

Andrew Pershing, our Chief Scientific Officer, shakes hands with Dr. Marissa McMahan as he gives her the Annala award certificate.
Dr. Marissa McMahan receiving the Annala Award.

In March, we presented our John Annala Fishery Leadership Award to Dr. Marissa McMahan, Senior Fisheries Scientist at Manomet.

The award, named for our first Chief Scientific Officer, is given annually to an early-career scientist who reflects Dr. Annala’s core values of industry collaboration and commitment to the Gulf of Maine. Dr. McMahan’s research will also appear in new LabVenture! education content, set to relaunch this fall.

Upon accepting the award, Dr. McMahan stated:

"Receiving the John Annala Fisheries Leadership Award is a great honor, particularly because I started my early scientific career at GMRI when John was the Chief Scientific Officer. To later receive an award that was established in his honor is incredibly meaningful. I am deeply dedicated to fisheries research in the Gulf of Maine, in part because my family has been commercial fishing in the Gulf of Maine for many generations. I look forward to continuing to work on strengthening and diversifying fisheries in the Gulf of Maine.”

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