Hannaford Goes Local

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

White text on a black circular background that reads "Check out what's local from the Gulf of Maine"

If you do your grocery shopping at Hannaford, you may have noticed some new signage. Storewide, the grocery chain has rolled out their Local label to highlight products that support the region’s economy.

To implement the Local label at the seafood counter, Hannaford looked to our seafood team for support. This natural partnership results from years of collaboration between the two organizations. Now, Hannaford customers can be certain Local-labeled seafood has been responsibly harvested in the Gulf of Maine.

"Considering that the Gulf of Maine is in the backyard of the stores and communities where we do business, Hannaford is committed to ensuring that local seafood is available and present in our seafood cases,” said Leigh Chase, category manager for the seafood department at Hannaford. “Our goal is to have a credible program where customers can feel confident that they are buying local seafood that is properly vetted and is supporting the stability of our local communities.”

In addition to supporting the local seafood economy, Hannaford remains focused on sustainability. All seafood in Hannaford’s stores — whether fresh, frozen, or shelf stable — must fulfill both traceability and responsible harvest criteria.

Recently, the Local fresh seafood offerings have included pollock, hake, redfish, haddock, lobsters, scallops, and oysters amongst others. You can look for the Local label on your next grocery run.