Climate Adaptation Resource Hub for Fishing Communities

Supporting adaptation planning in Northeast US fishing communities.

Northeast US fisheries are on the frontlines of climate change. To support informed decision making in fisheries responding to mounting impacts, this resource hub combines community-specific information on climate-driven shifts of marine species with potential adaptation options. This can advance climate resilience planning in fishing communities along the Northeast US coast.

Resource hub focus area.
Resource hub focus area.

Our Goals:

  • Describe the current and future climate hazards that impact fisheries in the Northeast US.
  • Provide community-specific information and projections on climate-driven shifts in distribution and availability of marine species.
  • Provide helpful information and strategic steps for individuals, businesses, and communities to adapt their fisheries in the face of climate change impacts.
  • Expedite access to additional guidance and resources useful for building community-scale climate resilience in Northeast US fisheries.

The Climate Adaptation Planning Pathway

Our work focuses on three main stages of the adaptation process: understanding, planning, and managing. Follow the pathway for climate adaptation planning below.

Our resource hub compiles ecological and social science research conducted through recent projects that developed projections of species shifts and examined adaptation needs and options in Northeast US fisheries. Information focuses on three main stages of the adaptation process: understanding, planning, and managing.

  • ‘Understanding’ defines the fishery system for adaptation actions to focus on, sets adaptation goals, and builds awareness about the types of impacts climate change may pose.
  • ‘Planning’ focuses on identifying and examining possible adaptation options so that the fishery system can adjust to potential impacts or risks.
  • 'Managing' raises issues to consider when implementing adaptation actions and subsequently monitoring and evaluating their performance to enable refinement over time.
This is a graphic depicting adaptation stages for fisheries in the Northeast US.

Importantly, process matters throughout these three stages: inclusive engagement of stakeholders and weighing equity implications of potential actions should be central throughout. Engaging and facilitating meaningful opportunities for stakeholders involved in or affected by fisheries is important for ensuring a diversity of perspectives shape the community’s adaptation goals and approaches.

Understanding the Problem and Setting Goals

To prepare for future changes, it is important to identify the parts of the fishery system that will be a focus for adaptation and the goals of adaptation for both the fishery and the community.

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