Collaborative Projects that Increase Climate Resilience

Supporting climate resilience efforts.

FishSCORE2030 aims to facilitate and enhance partnerships in local and regional fisheries around the world to co-develop fishery-specific and context-appropriate climate resilience strategies.

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  • Support ongoing local and regional efforts to sustain and expand fisheries as a food source, cultural identity, and economic benefits.
  • Facilitate scientist-practitioner collaborations to carry out applied research.
  • Support learning opportunities among different research efforts through the FishSCORE2030 Network and the UN Ocean Decade.
  • Synthesize current research and resources available to inform climate resilience fisheries practices and policies..
  • Apply lessons learned from local climate resilience assessments and strategy development efforts to refine and revise decision support tools.

Strengthening climate resilience in fisheries through support of existing work and through new projects

FishSCORE2030 supports existing efforts and new projects to achieve adaptive decision-making and planning in fishery systems. Projects focus on different aspects of transforming fisheries systems for climate resilience, including elevating the voices of marginalized individuals in fisheries practices and management, advancing data collection and modeling needed to inform our understanding of climate impacts on fisheries, and employing frameworks for evaluating climate impacts, vulnerabilities, resilience attributes, and opportunities in specific fisheries.

As a UN Ocean Decade program, FishSCORE2030 is an umbrella for projects and activities with similar objectives or synergistic goals. As of July 2023, FishSCORE2030 has four aligned projects:

  • Costa Rica and Honduras collective action for the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for the sustainability of small scale fishing in the context of food security and poverty eradication. CoopeSoliDar R.L.
  • Climate-smart strategies to develop resilience in artisanal fisheries of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Spanish National Research Council (IEO – CSIC; CLISSARTES)
  • The Western Indian Ocean (WIO), Productivity under climate change. Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute
  • Bioregional Resilience: Professional Conservation Resource Management Planning. Daluhay – Daloy ng Buhay

Through the FishSCORE2030 Network, collaborators may also develop new projects with local and regional practitioners to advance information resources, synthesis products, and other activities to support climate resilience. A developing set of projects will conduct benchmark assessments of resilience to projected climate impacts, evaluate actionable strategies for enhancing resilience, and support fishers and fishing communities in sustainability initiatives. Future projects may include advancing ecosystem conservation goals, social and economic objectives, and sustained and equitable flows of benefits. We expect these projects will be connected and organized with partners from fishery management or non-governmental organizations. This arrangement will help provide a pathway towards longer-term and broader use. The results of these projects will be used to iteratively refine and revise the tools and recommendations that FishSCORE2030 will develop.

There is currently an open Call for Actions by the UN Ocean Decade for new projects. FishSCORE2030 is soliciting new projects to be hosted by the program as part of this call for proposals. For more information, please visit the UN Ocean Decade Call for Actions.

If you are interested in developing a project in conjunction with FishSCORE2030 or sharing information about your work with the FishSCORE Network, please reach out to a team member listed below.

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