Boston Conference Draws Seafood Experts

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

A graphic reading "Future of Seafood, Nourishing the World" in blue and green text with two fish in the top left

In early December, GMRI partnered with the Museum of Science to co-host a two-day conference in Boston. Together, the organizations convened a diverse range of professionals and interested community members for the conference, entitled “Future of Seafood: Nourishing the World.

Attendees discussed the impacts of rapidly changing ocean ecosystems and market conditions. These changes present challenges, but they also create new opportunities for our seafood industry. Together, the entire seafood community is imagining new ways to realize these opportunities — whether targeting new species, encouraging responsible aquaculture growth, or developing new products and equipment that meet evolving industry needs.

The Museum of Science, which is carrying out a series of similar explorations of food systems with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies, relied on GMRI seafood program manager Jen Levin to create the event.

Gulf of Maine, Explained: Eating Sustainably

Jen assembled a unique mix of colleagues from throughout the seafood supply chain, including chefs, fishermen, retailers, and scientists. Among these experts were GMRI President/CEO Don Perkins, and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Andrew Pershing. 

Panel sessions included conversations about food security, climate change, corporate sustainability, fishing challenges, and more. 

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