Introducing Gulf of Maine Tastemakers

Tidings | Mar 8, 2024

In early 2024, we launched our all-new Gulf of Maine Tastemakers program, which consists of businesses and institutions that are committed to putting local seafood front and center.

In February, we announced the launch of an all-new Gulf of Maine Tastemakers program, which unites our retail, restaurant, and institutional sustainable seafood partners under one banner.

These like-minded businesses and institutions are committed to supporting local coastal communities by putting local seafood front and center — in the seafood case, restaurant menu, serving line, and cafeteria tray.

Participants in the program demonstrate their commitment to building awareness and demand for local seafood by committing to source 35% local seafood by 2025. Together, they are working toward a vision of resilient coastal communities that grow and catch a diversity of responsibly harvested seafood to help combat challenges that impact our health, climate, and regional economy.

"Even in New England, where we have a long history and culture of local seafood, our catch is overshadowed in the local marketplace by inexpensive, imported seafood. We’re grateful to the 100-plus partners who are prioritizing local seafood to support healthy ocean ecosystems and thriving coastal communities."

Kyle Foley Sustainable Seafood Director

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