Maine Won't Wait: A Four-Year Climate Action Plan

The Sounding Line | Feb 24, 2022

In this episode of The Sounding Line, we'll hear from members of the Maine Climate Council about the development of the state's four-year Climate Action Plan — Maine Won't Wait.

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The Maine Climate Council was established in law in 2019 to build a roadmap for ambitious climate action across the state by bringing in diverse perspectives from every aspect of life in Maine. In December 2020, the council released Maine Won't Wait, the state's four-year Climate Action Plan.

The plan helps chart a path for all Mainers to build adaptation to climate change, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that drive it. In this conversation, we hear two Mainers on the state's climate council, Kate Dempsey, State Director of The Nature Conservancy in Maine and Dan Kleban, Co-founder and Owner of Maine Beer Company, discuss what it's like to be on the Council, and what went in to developing Maine Won't Wait.

See the transcript of this conversation to read it in full.

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