New Sea State

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

A graphic with a gray background and black and blue text that reads: Joan M. Kelly Sea State Series

This summer, we’re pleased to have relaunched Sea State, our series featuring expert speakers on topics central to the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and economy. Since 2006, we’ve invited scientists, seafood experts, fishermen, and others to lead these important conversations.

After a brief hiatus as we rebuilt the Cohen Center for Interactive Learning for the all-new LabVenture experience, we’re excited to continue that tradition with some notable updates.

Along with the physical changes to the space, we’re updating the learning experience for attendees to make it less formal and more interactive. That means we’ll break from the traditional lecture style to incorporate more small-group discussion and other interactive learning strategies.

We hope you'll join us for a discussion of Maine’s aquaculture landscape, as we invite local mussel, oyster, and kelp farmers in to discuss this growing industry alongside our staff experts.

Learn more about how Sea State is evolving and register for one of our aquaculture sessions at: