Regional and National Climate Advisory Activities

Contributing unique perspectives and insights to climate change conversations

Our science team is leading efforts to understand climate impacts and trends for the Gulf of Maine. This has given us unique insights into the complexities of preparing for climate change, insights that are relevant to regional and national conversations.

Advisory Goals:

  • Synthesize information on climate trends and projections for policymakers and the general public.
  • Provide scientific and technical advice to support climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Work with federal, state, and non-governmental organizations to bring climate-thinking into their policies and planning.

Maine Climate Council

We are currently working to make the state of Maine more sustainable and resilient by supporting the Maine Climate Council. The Council was formed in 2019 to take on the challenge of reducing Maine’s carbon emissions, building resilience, and supporting economic growth. Kathy Mills served on the Marine and Coastal Working Group. Andrew Pershing serves on the Scientific and Technical Working group and is one of two scientists appointed to the Council by the Governor.

We contribute to the development of appropriate, sustainable policies that address climate change challenges by collecting, synthesizing, and providing accurate, current scientific data and technical advice to policymakers at multiple scales.

Fourth National Climate Assessment

Our team of scientists contributed our scientific and technical insights to the Fourth National Climate Assessment, a federally mandated report aimed at improving the understanding behind the science of climate change and how it will impact regions around our country. Kathy Mills represented ocean issues for the Northeast Chapter, and Andrew Pershing led the Oceans and Marine Resources Chapter.

Climate Advisors

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