GMRI Experts Lead on Climate

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing poses outside in the sunlight for a portrait in front of a marina, wearing a blue vest with Gulf of Maine Research Institute written on the upper left.
Chief Scientific Officer Andy Pershing

Every four years, the federal government publishes a report called the National Climate Assessment. 

A team of experts from around the country gathers to publish this report, which summarizes the present and future impacts of climate change on the United States.

GMRI Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Andrew Pershing is the lead author of the Oceans and Marine Resources chapter of this effort. 

Here’s Andy with more on his role in this process:

"I’m proud to contribute to the National Climate Assessment this year. It’s a huge honor to work alongside this group of the nation’s top scientists, who have dedicated their time to this project.

Our job is to understand how climate change affects marine ecosystems and, ultimately, the people of the United States.

Throughout our work, we’ve tried to identify strategies to help coastal communities adapt to a changing climate. Here in New England, we’re focused on how the changing mix of species will affect fisheries and fishing communities.”