Climate Migration Speaker Series Launches

Tidings | Mar 15, 2022

We're launching a new speaker series in collaboration with Gateway Community Services Maine (GCSM) to raise awareness about important topics related to climate migration.

A brown and green landscape sits behind dashed white arrows pointing from left to right.

According to the World Bank, climate change threatens to displace as many as 200 million people from their homes by the year 2050. In the coming months, we’re honored to co-host a new event series, designed in collaboration with Gateway Community Services Maine (GCSM) and the immigrant/refugee youth and educators they serve.

This series will highlight global trends in climate-driven migration and consider related local impacts. Featured scientists and specialists from across the country will share their expertise with an audience of young people, teachers, informal educators, and librarians. Speaker topics range from an overview of global patterns of climate risk and migration to the preparedness of “receiving” communities. Speakers will allow time for questions from both youth and educators

“We are proud to partner with Gateway Community Services Maine to launch this speaker series. We believe in and support their mission, and the goals of their Color of Climate Youth Coalition, one of which is to center the experiences and leadership of frontline communities in this changing climate."

Dave Reidmiller, Ph.D. Director, Climate Center

GCSM Color of Climate Youth Coalition and Learning Ecosystem Northeast will provide additional support for the speaker series.

Details and Registration

Learn more about the topics our featured scientists and specialists will cover in our months long climate migration speaker series.

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