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Announcements | Jun 8, 2020

Anyone with young children or grandchildren knows one of the biggest disruptions caused by COVID-19 is the closing and virtualization of schools. Just as students and their parents grapple with how to access quality education online, many of the teachers we serve are struggling to provide it.

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Introducing an all-new offering to support teachers in their remote classrooms: GMRI Home Delivery.

Our Education team has made a quick pivot to support our wide network of teachers with a new virtual offering: GMRI Home Delivery.

Home Delivery is a menu of online learning experiences adapted from our existing education programs. All of these virtual programs feature the same high-quality authentic science experiences teachers have come to know and love.

The lessons that comprise Home Delivery are facilitated by our experienced educators to give our teacher partners a break from carrying the load alone.

a middle school student pointing at a sea surface temperature map on a computer screen.

GMRI educators offer five 45-minute class periods held at regular times over the course of a week. These experiences include LabVenture Express — a virtual learning experience adapted from our LabVenture program — as well as nature writing and citizen science lessons.

Also available to teachers and their students are Scientist To Go meetups, in which students participate in a video chat with a GMRI scientist to learn about their research interests and methods.

“Our students have been so excited to learn from other people this week and the experience has boosted our online attendance and engagement tremendously,” said Sarah Ober, a participating 6th-grade teacher from Molly Ockett School. “As teachers, we miss our students more than we ever thought possible; seeing them excited about learning again has brought tears to our eyes more than once.”

Interested in Home Delivery for your classroom?

Learn more about your options.

Meredyth Sullivan
Meredyth Sullivan LabVenture Senior Program Manager (207) 228-1648 [email protected]

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