Providing students and communities with hands-on science experiences

The next generation of ecosystem stewards is in our classrooms today. Students who grow up understanding how science works will be able to navigate complex environmental and business decisions in a changing climate.

Leigh Peake Chief Education Officer
Leigh Peake Chief Education Officer

Our Action Areas

Programs for students in our lab and in the field. Resources for teachers to support authentic inquiry. Opportunities for the public to engage in a science community.

  • Engaging Students in Science

    We build Maine middle school students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of the nature of science through participation in authentic science experiences.

  • Supporting Educators

    Increasing teachers’ access to and participation in high-quality, locally relevant professional learning experiences to increase their content knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and confidence guiding students’ learning …

  • Community-Based Learning

    We create opportunities for communities to engage meaningfully in the science that affects them.

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