Seafood Sprint Launches

Tidings | Jul 16, 2021

A recent grant from the Economic Development Authority powers our Gulf of Maine Ventures team's new partnership with a Boston-based bluetech startup platform.

a collage of fish mongers holding fish, a fishing vessel, and bags of blue mussels

In April, our Gulf of Maine Ventures team launched a new Seafood Sprint project alongside partners at SeaAhead — a bluetech startup platform founded in Boston. The project team will lead a blue innovation recovery initiative that will provide direct support to regional seafood-related startups and small businesses as they recover from the impacts of COVID-19. This new work is funded through a U.S. Economic Development Authority (EDA) SPRINT economic relief grant.

Maine’s working waterfront is central to the livelihoods of families, communities, and small businesses throughout our state,” said Senators Susan Collins and Angus King in a joint statement announcing the grant. “We welcome this investment in the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, which will help our seafood industry weather the coronavirus pandemic through innovative technology.”

Throughout the Gulf of Maine region, a burgeoning group of entrepreneurs are driving innovation in finfish, shellfish, and algae aquaculture, as well as wild fisheries. Their solutions — including supply chain digitization, aquaculture innovations, and new fisheries technology — are essential to global competitiveness in the blue economy.

In the coming months, the project team will create and consolidate resources, seminars, and networking opportunities for blue economy startups. Additionally, the team aims to educate early-stage investors who want to know more about this market space – whether in the context of climate change, seafood supply chains, or other ocean business opportunities.

After decades of engagement with marine stakeholders of all kinds, we know Maine is positioned to become the epicenter of our region’s blue economy. An enhanced Maine-to-Boston economic corridor will make the region more resilient to the next economic shock.”

Blaine Grimes Chief Ventures Officer
Headshot of Blaine Grimes
Blaine Grimes Chief Ventures Officer

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