New: Mariners' Dashboard

Tidings | Jul 15, 2021

Our Ocean Data Products team announces the launch of a new tool for people who work and recreate on the water.

screenshots of the mariners' dashboard tool showing different data views

This spring, we announced the official launch of an all-new Mariners’ Dashboard. This online tool, developed for the Northeast Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) by our Ocean Data Products team, displays high-quality, timely data from a growing network of buoys and sensors throughout the Gulf of Maine.

This easy-to-use resource puts meteorological data front and center for mariners (e.g., boaters, fishermen, surfers, pilots). NERACOOS Mariners’ Dashboard users can now find data about current wave and wind conditions, regional forecasts, and more. Users can also access subsurface oceanographic, biological, and ocean acidification data.

Updates to the tool allow mariners to see these multiple data streams in one consolidated view.

"When we’re taking passengers out to look for whales, our captains rely on their experience, but they also depend on the NERACOOS Mariners’ Dashboard for buoy and weather data to make their decisions about where to search.

Capt. Lawrence Nuesslein III Captain, Bar Harbor Whale Watch

Our Ocean Data Products team is committed to maintaining and updating this tool in the years to come, knowing this data is critical for mariners making decisions about their safety and success on the water.

Explore the Mariners' Dashboard

Delivering high-quality, timely data from a growing network of buoys and sensors into the hands of mariners heading to sea.

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