We advance our mission across all our commitments through a variety of projects designed to serve and support our stakeholders. Search and explore hundreds of projects to learn more about our on-the-ground impacts in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

  • Findings from the Field

    Findings from the Field

    A unique opportunity for students to engage in critical elements of the scientific process: the writing, peer review, and publication of results.

  • LabVenture


    Each year, GMRI hosts nearly 10,000 Maine middle schoolers in its LabVenture program — a hands-on, interactive, authentic investigation of current research on the Gulf …

  • Scientist To Go

    Scientist To Go

    Our Scientist To Go program connects students with a wide range of scientists to learn about real, ongoing scientific research, scientific career paths, and more.

  • In the Path of Totality: Eclipse 2024!

    In the Path of Totality: Eclipse 2024!

    For the first time since 1963, and not again until 2044, the northeast will be in the path of totality of a solar eclipse and …

  • Research Experience for Undergraduates

    Research Experience for Undergraduates

    At GMRI, one of nearly 700 NSF-funded REU sites across the country, we introduce students to an exciting diversity of marine and fisheries science opportunities. …

  • GMRI Home Delivery

    GMRI Home Delivery

    To adapt to modern challenges we created the GMRI Home Delivery program to provide teachers, students, and parents with virtual education options. All of the …

  • Community Science in Classrooms

    Community Science in Classrooms

    In classrooms, it is more important than ever that students have access to authentic science experiences and content that build a strong foundation for them …

  • Fall Learning Theme: Into the Woods

    Fall Learning Theme: Into the Woods

    This fall we are highlighting a variety of pathways for youth to engage with forests — in schools, in communities, and beyond. We’re also connecting …

  • Climate Migration Speaker Series

    Climate Migration Speaker Series

    According to the World Bank, by 2050, climate change could force the displacement and relocation of more than 200 million people. Designed in collaboration with …

  • Spring Learning Theme: Vernal Pools

    Spring Learning Theme: Vernal Pools

    This spring we are highlighting a variety of pathways for youth to engage with vernal pools, in schools, in communities, and beyond and we are …

  • Connected Learning Ecosystems (CLEs)

    Connected Learning Ecosystems (CLEs)

    Across our education efforts we support educators with professional learning opportunities that help them engage students in authentic science learning experiences. Workshops introduce educators to …

  • Learning Ecosystems Northeast (LENE)

    Learning Ecosystems Northeast (LENE)

    To tackle ever evolving climate challenges, it's critical that everywhere youth go in their community – from the classroom, to the library, to parks, and …